News » Le Carré d’Art is looking for talented artisans

From October 2015, Le Carré d’Art in Serris will be home to its artistic artisans. Twenty workshops as well as residential lodgings are available for rental. Apply now !

Jean-Louis and Bastien Cloud, two Serrisian promoters, have always dreamed of Le Carré d’Art and their idea has developed and matured over the years. Today, the building,
which is situated between the old Serrisian town farm and the international business park, is complete. In autumn, the first of these rare artisanal experts, some whose trades are in the process of disappearing, will take up residency in this place of synergy and creativity,

SAN : what types of craftsmen are you looking for at Le Carré d’Art ?
Jean-Louis Cloud: we are currently selecting recognized craftsmen, who possess original “savoir-faire”. These professionals must be art schools trained and enrolled in the nomenclature of art trades. Our desire is to defend outstanding trades, which are sometimes at risk of disappearing. We are not interested in seasonal and tourist activities, which we see a lot of southern towns. The “Chambre des Métiers de Seine et Marne” (Seine et Marne Chamber of Crafts) and the “Institut National des Métiers d’Art (the National Institute for Arts and Crafts) are accompanying us in our choices and approaches. It is a guarantee of quality and recognition!

SAN : How do you hope to convince these craftsmen to come to Serris ?
JLC: The Carré d’Art was designed to meet the all requirements of these trades. Working conditions that will allow them to work, create, develop, display, sell and even live under the same roof. The living environment is exceptional: we are only 30 km from Paris in a semi-rural area, on a tourist route and Villages Nature will be here soon. The rent will be at least 20% below market prices! Each workshop is equipped with a gas system, compressed air and has large doors: This is crucial for a craftsman, for example a sculptor, who produces large pieces. Waste containers, heavy tool lifting machinery, secure wifi and visitor parking spaces are also available.

SAN: Are you philanthropic ?
JLC: Not exactly! The operation must be balanced, the units will be available for rental only and the turnover will allow an increase in quality. The owners are passionate about the arts. We will also be vigilant in our choice of craftsmen who must be up to date with their tax and social obligations.

SAN : Will the center thrive on tourism ?
JLC: Not only. The artisans will certainly have high visibility, the Carré d’Art will be open to all and will shine on the outside! The patio and central area will be a stage for the organization of cultural and economic events, exhibitions and performances. The Chamber of Crafts has committed to intervening several times a year. Our partners will also participate in the animation of the center and will propose different courses. Sponsorship and mentoring projects could develop between local businesses and artisans.

SAN : Can you tell us what crafts will be present at the opening ?
JLC: it’s a little early because we are still in the selection process but five dossiers have already been presented. The first candidates will be known in June.

How to apply ?
Downloadable application form on
Jean Louis CLOUD 06 71 01 46 26
Bastien CLOUD 06 71 01 46 25

Programme :
– 20 workshops on the ground floor from 25 – 110m² including 8 shared, rented workshops
– 14 furnished 31-75 m² apartments on the 1st floor, available for rental to craftsmen using the on the ground floor.