News » Sandbox 212

Named “Sandbox 212”, the first co-working space in a French University was inaugurated in the Val d’Europe campus in the presence of elected officials of the region, the Department and Val d’Europe. The collaborative workspace project was created at the UPEM (1) within the IFIS and its Management & Engineering Services department. The project was funded by the Foundry (2) and the UPEM and received support in 2012 from regional stakeholders, the SAN du Val d’Europe, Conseil Général for the department 77.   The SANDBOX 212 is now part of IT77 (3) network of tele-centres and co-working spaces.   Plans, furnishings and space identity were designed by students taking Masters in Real Estate (MIPI) and Masters in Information Technology (MITIC).   They were assisted in setting up this 100 m² area by the IFIS and the central services of the university.   The running of SANDBOX 212 is entrusted to NETIS (student/ teacher group) and its board is composed exclusively of students.   The SANDBOX 212 offers four flexible workspaces with the latest technology:

  • meeting area with webcam and audio conference system,
  • digital space with work station and 3D printer,
  • relaxation area with TV and various digital tablets,
  • workshop / conference space with Kinect

It’s also an ideal location to experiment with new work practices for students and an observation area for research teachers of the IFIS who are part of the Smart-W research project.